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From July 2006 to July 2007, I dedicated my life to traveling and photographing the endemic birds of Australia. This opportunity was made possible by the Thomas J. Watson Foundation and the foundation's annual fellowship.

While searching out and photographing over 300 species of birds found only on the Australia continent, I experienced every habitat and extreme of the continent. I forged tropical rivers and crossed deserts and photographed in the snow and searing heat

This website is dedicated to chronicling that journey and sharing my experiences with others.

The Thomas J. Watson Foundation made this year possible through the generous fellowships awarded to graduating college seniors each year. To learn more about the foundation, please visit their website,

During my travels, I maintained a daily weblog and monthly newsletter. You can view the complete archives for both remain on this site. My complete photographic library is also posted in the galleries.

I hope you enjoy this site and are able to get a taste of the year that impacted my life in many ways. Thank you for your time.